Sunday, February 6, 2011

i sort of love this city.

Yesterday Florence was simply crazy. With riots and chocolate festivals and people everywhere, this city was hoppin. I can't explain it very well but the city just felt so charged. I thought I was just imagining it, but when I discussed it with Erin (a family friend who is also in Florence right now) she agreed that there was something about yesterday. Just a feeling.

Well enough with abstract thoughts about the European city life. 

1. Chocolate Festivals = awesome. trying samples of quality chocolate is amazing. and this chocolate festival is going on for another week or so! YESSS! Me and Lauren went on both friday and saturday. and I'm tempted to go again tomorrow. But man was it packed. People everywhere speaking different languages, but all driven by their love of chocolate. what a beautiful thing to unite people. and it smelled soo good too.
Pictured to the left is Lauren and her chocolate!

2. Communist Demonstration = awesome. in its own way. Let me preface this by saying I'm not communist or anything, I just love how many people were a part of the demonstration. I have never been a fan of politics but it was inspiring to me to see a demonstration first hand. All these people caring enough to actually do something about it. I guess its the apathetic part of me that was inspired yesterday.

ooop and there are the italian police. gotta love a man in a uniform.

3. I didn't see this personally but yesterday my friend Erin stumbled upon an anti-Berlusconi
 riot that also stood for women's rights here in Italy. Berlusconi is the current prime minister of Italy and is pretty much sketchy to put it simply. There are often many stories of him being with young women or prostitutes. As a leader his actions encourage the objectification of women. Its surprising to me that Italy still has so far to go for equality. This country has made me so thankful for all my opportunities and the way I am treated in America as a woman.

4. Yesterday at an Irish pub in Italy I saw a Butler County Community College shirt hanging up on the ceiling. for reals. I couldn't believe it either. I made my roommate Lauren take a pic. so i will have to get that from her and post it. so ridiculous.


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